• Pavers: we specialize in custom pavers and designs.
  • Retaining Walls: necessary in some scenarios, we install walls to meet the needs of the project.
  • Foundations: Building a new house? We can dig you a foundation that will ultimately make the setting of your dream house perfect. We read the grades and amount of dirt available, and can set your house perfectly every time with zero water issues. We are the best at new builds, perfect every time!  We dig additions too!
  • Clearing & Tree Removal: we can clear up to an acre a day.  We can take down trees that are close to buildings and remove unwanted or dead trees.
  • Driveways: We put in new driveways and can repair existing driveways. Our quality work will remain intact for generations.
  • Horse Riding Arenas: we lay out the ground work, making a perfect horse riding arena at any location.  We handle the ground inside and out, you just provide the builder.
  • Ponds: We specialize in water management and have built ponds and repaired existing ponds.
  • Golf Greens: We have completed golf greens for folks in local neighborhoods.
  • Custom Jobs: Changing the earth can be complicated. We have the ability to create the vision and make the vision happen.
  • Snow Removal: Line us up ahead of time! We have the ability to plow your driveway or remove unwanted snow. We have handled moving thousands of tons in just a few days.
  • Firewood: Mixed Hardwoods for sale by the cord. Call for current pricing and availability.
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